From Pam Hughes, Hagerstown, MD

I bought my gaited horse Flash in the fall of 2006 and he was a handful for me a novice rider. He would not stand still for mounting, he did not lunge on a line and my gosh if he saw a squirrel or cat he jumped a yard. Even though he was a mature horse at the age of seven he had not been taught to do any of the smooth gaited walks or rocking horse canters gaited horsed excel at and are bread to do. I even had one trainer I tried tell me, “I should find another horse”.

How lucky I was to have met Kirsten! What a difference Kirsten made in his training, her ability to see outside the box and see all the great things Flash was capable of really encouraged both of us to do better. She picked up on our bond immediately and figured out ways we could better work together as a single unit rather then just a horse and owner. Flash and I had an immediate improvement in communication after only one lesson with Kirsten.

Kirsten is an invaluable resource for any horse and owner, her patience knowledge and kindness would work well for any one with a desire to listen and succeed in any equestrian activity. She has a special way with horses and they respond to her almost immediately. She does not use force or any harsh training methods but rather relies on the unique bond between the horse and rider in a gentle yet disciplined way.

I am happy to say because of the training my horse Flash and I received from Kirsten, we now are winning blue’s in the show ring, doing running walk, canter, trotting, and racking. We ride on trails fearlessly just for the fun of it, and the trainer who said I should pick another horse, well lets just say the last time she saw us in the arena I thing I saw her jaw drop to the ground!

Thank you so much Kirsten,

Pam and Flash

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