SCA Medieval Equestrian Authorizations

We like to train not only across disciplines, but across centuries!  The medieval games we play we our valiant steeds honor the very roots of horsemanship in diverse cultures.  Every great riding tradition arose out of preparation for warfare.  With peaceful intentions we put our equestrian discipline to fun and fantastical purpose!

Those of you wishing to authorize to ride in SCA equestrian events can join us on April 4 (raindate April 18). (Please note, the ring will be in use much of that day).

For how-to tips on riding and training the 21st century war horse, visit Destrier Today, our modern medieval horsemanship blog!

Challenging Chariots

Long before the first mounted warrior swung a leg over the back of a mighty steed, chariots were the deadly equine weapon of choice.  In approximately 1345 BC, the Mittanian horse master Kikkuli authored the oldest known written horse training treatise (remember Xenophon wasn’t even BORN until around 430 BC.)  “The Kikkuli Text,” discusses the training and care of the chariot horses which allowed the Hittites and later the Assyrians to conquer their empires.  For thousands of years, victory rode behind, rather than upon, the warhorse.

The Discovery Channel teamed up with one of my favorite modern-day horsemen, Tommy Turvey, for an episode of Weapons Masters.  The challenge?  Improve on the design of a weapons system successful through centuries!  (We’ll stick with horses!)



Clinic Teaser

We are currently incubating a combination Jousting/Mounted Archery clinic with Alexander Caithnes and his lady!

Date TBA after Ice Dragon.

Equestrian Practice Report

5 riders and their steeds braved the chill winds for our first unofficial equestrian practice of the year.  AEthelmearc’s current KEO, Alexander Caithnes,  thumbed his knightly nose at the winter storm warnings and joined us for a day of chivalry, learning, and authorizations prep.  Alli arrived with her whippets to add to the medieval flair.  Mark had squirreled away his camera in his pocket, and snapped these shots perched atop Dolly’s mountainous back:

Armed and elegant! Rachel and Pete

SCA equestrian practice Rachel and Pete

Alexander expounds, Cricket cogitates, and Kirsten tries not to Freeze!

SCA equestrian practice


Worldview from a War Horse: Weapons rack through Dolly’s ears

SCA equestrian practice

Alexander gave us a generous grant towards procuring insurance for official SCA practices. Mark stepped forth to offer the balance.  Many thanks to them for their knightly largesse!

Riders and their mounts:

Scott and Cassandra

Noel and Sioux

Rachel and Pierre Pointille

Mark and Dolly Madison

Kirsten and Red Sonja

Getting Started in Carriage Driving

As we move forward teaching Gracie to drive we are making use of the wealth of equestrian knowledge found on YouTube. This series of clips highlights harness fit and basic driving safety.  It is very informative and very traditional.

Authorizations Scheduling Change

Gunnarr and Banshee will be traveling down from Endless Hills to conduct authorizations for our local equestrians on Saturday, April 4.  The bad weather back up date will be April 18.

Lysts at Castleton

This professionally produced video clip from last year’s Lysts at Castleton was just posted on YouTube.  The riders are Sir Alexis la Bouche and Master Terafan Greydragon.  The event is held in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra.  Enjoy!